2018-09-25 10:09
by Samira Khodaei

VR collaboration

What VR actually means for companies - about a VR vision's journey from research to business

Some words are used so naturally in today's business talk that nobody questions their meaning. Especially in the daily Virtual Reality "namedropping" there is a regular argument about the definition of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). To make things even more complicated, many start-ups that deal with Business Usecases in VR use terms such as "VR collaboration" to distinguish the professional use case from the use of VR gaming. This term can be found about 54,000,000 times on Google, a clear definition on the first pages is conspicuous by its absence.  And who is looking further on page 5 or even 10? Well, we did it. With the aim of explaining what VR means for companies and what the requirements for hardware and software development should look like, we have compiled the various terms that came up with the topic "Cooperation in VR".

What are collaborative virtual enviroments? How do they distinguish themselves from a virtual workspace? In which context are the terms Multi-user-reality and VR-meeting mentioned? How does Wikipedia actually define VR collaboration?

We bring light into the jungle of terms in our whitepaper!





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