Team up in your virtual Showroom

Multiuser Collaboration

  • Collaboration with different locations (same network)
  • Audio support for all participants
  • Presenter mode to controll the scene

Group 4
Group 8


  • Rights administration and access control for VR sessions though passwords (interface to local authentication system possible)
  • Different user rolls and according rights for data handling


  • Selecting objects
  • Triggering variants and geometries
  • Create custom triggers

Market Research


  • Create screenshots
  • Set and change annotations
  • Save annotations and screenshots
  • Export of annotations to CSV files

Avatars & Navigation

  • Displaying user names for team work in virtual space
  • Avatar (m/f) representation
  • Teleport - including navigation concept for groups working in the same physical space

Avatar Demo

Game Engine Template

  • Support inside the Unreal Editors
  • Support in setting up interactions for presentation objects
  • Deployment as stage protected presentation

Present with Stage - Simple. Secure. Embedded.

Simple creation of presentations. Secure deployment to dedicated user groups. Embedded into processes with a metadata approach.

Vr On Infographic V3

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