2018-09-06 13:23

Dataprep for VR presentation

Why CAD data is the sore spot of the game engine, but we still believe in game engines!

Game Engines are the upcoming communicators for your product. They focus on good visual quality in real-time and entertain your clients with new interactive concepts. But they get slowed down and become blurry if you give them too much technical detail (by the way, the same also applies for us marketing people!)

Your CAD software tool gives you an all-embracing view of every detail, even the smallest screws that hold your product together. This is indisputably important for your engineering and later for the production process. But during the evaluation process, which involves a multidisciplinary team, these details may not be of interest. Our tip: delete everything that is not part of the surface, i.e. all invisible parts of your model.

Learn from our CTO Ralf and our 3D-artist Lukas, which possibilities there are to convert your CAD data into fbx data and when what makes sense. Both of them have summarized their experiences with the entire data preparation process in a whitepaper for you. Please feel free to download it!

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