2018-11-08 09:47
by Samira Khodaei

New technology meets established processes

Integrating VR in PLM

Virtual Reality is the future of collaboration. In a collaborative VR platform you can review digital prototypes in actual scale long before an expensive physical prototype exists, have a realistic feeling of the product and eliminate engineering errors at an early state. The potential is huge, but let’s be honest: an HMD is easy to set up, but enabling professionals to operate with VR efficiently means reshaping processes/systems and training employees.

Currently CAD/PDM integration has reached a maturity level from which VR applications can profit. The key element for a successful implementation is to define the necessary requirements for a specific process.

Marketing demands a high-end visualization with simplified feedback and one-way data flow. For engineering purposes, a lower visual quality for technical reviews is useful while the workflow and release process need regular update.

The integration of VR to the Product Development requires, in addition to VR Know-how, expertise at PLM integration, Requirement Management and Process Optimization.

Having given you an initial insight regarding VR/PLM processes, we are glad to assist you at your every need.


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