The last decade has been a turning point in the field of virtual reality. Along with innumerable developments in VR technology, we witnessed the adoption of VR by various industrial sectors, ranging from the more expected ones like automotive, aerospace and AEC, to completely unanticipated fields, like healthcare and education. From huge multinationals, SMEs and now even startups, VR has made its way into our everyday lives and is effectively changing the way we work. There is an ever increasing number of VR applications for various business functions, including HR, marketing and training. The main concept underlying all these VR use cases is multi-user collaboration, that allows several users from different corners of the world, to share knowledge and make decisions in real-time.

The need for an effective multi-user collaboration solution is precisely why rooom AG came into existence. Over the years, we have been updating our VR multi-user collaborative platform, STAGE, to effectively solve all your business collaboration problems, according to the size of your firm and the industry you operate in. It is hard to believe that we have come such a long way from 2016 and next year would mark our 5th year in the industry.

vr_lionking_final2-h_2019_0-12019 has been exceptionally eventful for virtual reality. From the release of Lion King contributing to great advancements in VR cinema, to the technology being utilized by retailing giants like Walmart, VR was on an all time high! In addition, the advent of 5G promises further advancement for virtual and augmented reality in the next few years, especially when it comes to VR and AR Cloud. This year proved to be equally productive at rooom AG as well. From attending numerous expos and exhibitions to hosting meetups and events of our own, developing our tool further and expanding our customer base with innovative solutions, we spent a busy yet fun 12 months.

Since its introduction in June, the cloud storage version introduced for STAGE has been gaining increasing success with every passing month. In case you are still unaware of the huge benefits it provides, including a free trial and the ability to choose a pricing package according to your needs, you may watch the video below and feel free to contact our team:


We do however realize that operating in today’s rapidly changing business environment means constantly adapting to the new technology around us. Consequently, we have some exciting news for you all!

The first news we are thrilled to share with you all is the introduction of our Quest Beta Program! You can now sign up for Beta using Quest, which would offer much more flexibility than before. We have a running prototype as for now and the final version will be ready as soon as the new year starts. As our valued clients, your feedback holds huge importance for us and we are willing to improve our prototype based on your suggestions. Therefore, if you are interested, please try the beta version and let us know if you come across any problems. We would love to work together on this and make it better for you! 🙂

The second announcement is about our change of locations! We are still located in the heart of Munich but in the newly constructed building of Kap West near Hirschgarten. We found some time just before Christmas for the shifting process so we could relax over the holidays. An added benefit is a larger and better equipped demo studio to show our clients how their VR scenarios can be customized according to their needs! Moreover, this change of locations and of course entering into a new decade inspired us to renew our website as well. You can expect our new service website, with an appealing design, interesting avatars and even easier navigability and user interface, going live in the first few weeks of 2020.

Lastly, we ended the year on the exciting note of winning the Corporate Live Wire Munich 2020. We are honoured to be among the list of winners for this award that carefully scrutinized Munich-based SMEs for their products and services. The favourable response we have received for STAGE Cloud, including positive reviews and testimonials, and our growing online community as a result, have played a major role in getting us this title. As a new year’s resolution, we promise to maintain the constant goal of ensuring satisfaction for all our customers and to provide bigger and better solutions for all your collaboration needs.

This is all from our highlights of last year and pans for 2020. We hope that you had a great Christmas with your family and friends. Enjoy the holiday season to the fullest knowing that all your collaboration issues will be taken care of, by your very own team at vr-on, whenever you get back to work! Happy holidays! 🙂