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Short profile vr-on GmbH

vr-on was founded in 2016 by Mathias Wochnig, Dr. Ralf Rabätje and Stephan Menzel, and has been growing steadily ever since.

The three founders have been working on Virtual Reality for many years (one of them started already in the mid-nineties) and have a wealth of experience in the fields of application engineering for the Automotive and Aerospace industries.

vr-on uses this know-how for its customers in order to develop and introduce innovative methods for VR with the use of current consumer hardware. This opens up new relevant use cases.

With STAGE, vr-on offers an innovative product for collaborative work in virtual reality that is already being used by customers from various industries.

Short vita Mathias Wochnig

Mathias Wochnig is a graduate engineer in media technology and has been working in the field of virtual and augmented reality since 2005. Prior to founding vr-on GmbH, he held various management positions with Dassault Systèmes 3DExcite GmbH and A.R.T. GmbH in Germany and China.

Short vita Dr. Ralf Rabätje

Dr. Ralf Rabätje has been working as a computer scientist and mathematician in the field of virtual industrial techniques for more than 20 years. He led the VR laboratory in Group Research at Volkswagen AG before holding senior positions at A.R.T. GmbH and Dassault Systèmes 3DExcite GmbH. As an expert for AR/VR systems and software development, he founded the vr-on GmbH with Mathias Wochnig in January 2016.

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