The global pandemic has shown that work processes in all areas need to change: Work meetings could no longer take place as travel became impossible in many areas. At the same time, many companies had to rethink their production because they could no longer sell their products or other products such as protective equipment were urgently needed. This not only made it necessary to rethink everyday working life, but also manufacturing processes or entire factories have to be re-located and re-planned.

The good news is: Today, planning new factories in 3D is a standard procedure. Not only the best production and manufacturing flow, but also workplace conditions and optimal use of space can be considered. 3D manufacturing simulation with software tools such as Visual Components now also makes it easy to quickly respond to production- and process changes without the risk of production downtime. The Visual Components software allows 3D simulation to be generated without any programming knowledge.

Our partner DUALIS has already successfully implemented Visual Components for their customer PIA Automation, which operates internationally in the field of special machine construction and automation technology.

Since February 2021, it is possible to discuss these 3D manufacturing simulations in realtime with colleagues around the world or just in the home office using STAGE. In this way, sales and project teams can connect remotely inside the model, everybody represented by his own Avatar. This allows experience-based insights and decision making, as everybody has an improved understanding through interacting within the 3D model.

Using STAGE together with Visual Components accelerates the sales and planning process rapidly, and you can do all work directly from home.

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