STAGE is a secure real-time 3D conferencing service for professionals to discuss important 3D data with colleagues and customers around the world.

Infrastructure and data security

  • Roles and rights management regulates the authorization of the attendees
  • Encrypted presentations guarantee data security
  • Data sovereignty constantly remains with the data creator

Communication and interaction

  • Avatars with name tags represent participants of the session
  • Real-time voice communication ensures realistic communication
  • Moderator leads through the presentation, no further knowledge required from participants

Simplified decision-making process

  • Several variants can be shown, complex iterative processes are accelerated
  • Screenshots and annotations allow for better decision making
  • Decision documentation is comfortably transferable to other systems



Design reviews

Use STAGE to evaluate different designs with your team or customers and validate them with decision makers. Which variants do we want to offer? Just mark your decisions with virtual stickers, record ideas and remarks in the VR session via annotations and screenshots and export them to CSV right after the session. Milestone meetings have never been so easy!

3D car with open hood and 2 avatars on a street
virtual reality illustration of coffeshop with viewpoint

Layout planning

Are you planning a new sales area and want to show all possible arrangements to colleagues and customers? Explain, argue and present the alternatives at the push of a button. Give them the opportunity to stroll through the shelves. Change the look of floors, light and walls collectively. Plan offices, factories or sketch entire neighborhoods - efficiently in Virtual Reality. And do all this simultaneously in real-time, regardless of the physical location of the participants with our real-time 3D conferencing service STAGE.


Do your employees have to perform complicated operations on complex machines? Train them in the virtual world, no matter where they work. As if the expert looked over the shoulder of the person and explained step by step what to do. VR training in larger groups can also be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively at various locations using our multi-user platform.

disassembled engine floating in the air with two avatars in virtual reality illustration

Market research

Test your product with potential clients while it is still being produced. Do you have product variants that might compete with each other? Let consumers rate your products in Virtual Reality! These evaluations can be carried out with cars, airplanes, household appliances, but also with other complex products whose prototype production would be too complex in a test phase. vr-on carried out a VR market research in form of a Car Clinic study with GfK, a large market research institute.

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