The year 2020 taught many valuable lessons to B2B businesses about adapting the modern communication and sales tools and start moving on from the traditional methods. 3D manufacturing simulation was one tool that helped the manufacturers and consultants to communicate and plan the production strategies remotely in times when traveling seemed to be quite a risk. To improve this experience further, vr-on has partnered with Visual Components to bring 3D manufacturing simulation to a real-time 3D conferencing platform: STAGE now live-streams the simulations from Visual Components for improved project collaboration.


Real-time 3D Conferencing with STAGE for Visual Components

Visual Components is a leading 3D manufacturing simulation software, designed by Espoo-based simulation pioneers. vr-on´s partnership with Visual Components has resulted in an innovative integration between a simulation and a conferencing solution. This integration enables several people to join a simulation session from anywhere in the world to discuss and finalize their production plans in a risk-free virtual environment. The participants need a laptop with an internet connection and an invitation to access the layouts in STAGE. They can experience the simulations in the first person view with or without any VR gear on the desktop app. An additional benefit of using this system is, only the host needs a valid Visual Components premium license to stream the simulation to STAGE. The other participants can join the session using the invitation link from the host without any additional investment.

How can you benefit from STAGE for Visual Components?

System Integrators / Consultants

As system integrators, STAGE helps you to build and communicate your proposals more effectively and close the deals faster while standing out from your competition. Invite all stakeholders from your target accounts inside the real-time 3D environment and discuss, modify, and finalize the plans together without any need of traveling. The use of STAGE helps you become more flexible and adaptable to customer requests, ultimately improving your credibility.

How Visual Components and STAGE can help manufacturers.

As manufacturers, your team of designers, engineers, and decision-makers can collaborate faster on the projects with STAGE. By bringing your team on one platform, STAGE helps you with efficient layout planning and process improvements through easy communication and faster decision making, eventually improving your project delivery times.

About Visual Components

Visual Components is a leading developer of 3D manufacturing simulation software and solutions. Founded in 1999 by a team of simulation experts, they started with a humble goal – to make manufacturing design and simulation technology easy to use and accessible to manufacturing organizations of all sizes.