Real-time 3D conferencing for professionals

stage for Unity

Create your conference directly from the Unity Editor

stage for Visual Components

Experience and analyze your future factories anywhere

stage for Unreal

Create your conference directly from the Unreal editor

stage for CAD

For your adhoc 3D product and project reviews

real-time 3D enriches existing video conferencing

Benefits of STAGE real-time 3D conferencing

All participants navigate simoultaneously in 3D

Navigate freely with mouse, keyboard or VR to explore different perspectives

Experience-based insights and decision making

Improved understanding through interacting within the 3D model

Increased meeting productivity

Use voice chat, pointers and dedicated 3D tools to communicate efficiently

Reduced time and project cost

Fast identification and prevention of errors lead to less iterations and rework

Best performance through fast 3D data rendering

Low latency transmission of individual interactions and movements

Unleash the power of 3D with XR headsets

Fully immersive 3D experience at lifelike 1:1 scale




“With STAGE I can involve my global customers in the planning phase to a new level. We can detect whether the customization of our production line or the removal of a pillar is the better solution.

That saves our customer a lot of time and money.

VP Program Management,
Major German OEM 


“STAGE allows us to easily involve more stakeholders from other offices in our review meetings. They can join from any location with their PC.

Before we needed IT support to connect our power walls and caves. That excluded many of the stakeholders.”

R&D Project Lead,
Major aviation tier 1 player


“We used to have our design decision meetings on site and people from all over the world needed to travel.

With STAGE we can be more efficient, having meetings as well remotely and reduce the amount of travel substantially.”

Director International Sourcing,
Major German food retailer