stage for Visual Components

Experience and analyze your future factories anywhere

stage for Visual Components

STAGE is a cloud service for enterprise real-time 3D conferencing. Live connect and combine the ease of modern conferencing with the real-time simulation capabilities of Visual Components. Join the conference via PC or Virtual Reality devices.

Unique customer experience

Easy ad hoc conferencing globally across organizations

Stream your Visual Components content live into your meeting

Secure enterprise cloud service

Walk-in the layouts with your desktop or VR device individually

How it works


your project in Visual Components


guests on your STAGE account


your STAGE meeting and upload your layout or live connect to Visual Components


Standard in-conferencing features

Personal avatars, voice chat and pointing ray

3D navigation and multiple environments

Tools: camera, measure- and slicing tool

Advanced features

Instantly stream all changes

Start, pause and resume simulation during conference

Service infrastructure

Scalable cloud service

User management & meeting invitation

Secure and GDPR compliant service