As online meetings and video conferences are becoming the new normal across all industries, there is a lot of learnings to be gained and applied.

A resent Forbes article highlights that even before Covid-19 put in an appearance, thought leaders recommended the need to rethink old paradigms, calling to move beyond a business-as-usual approach and instead reimagine challenges as new possibilities. In most industries like the event industry, the last year accelerated a move into virtual spaces from years to mere months. There are a couple of interesting learnings from this acceleration to make the most of digital and virtual events or meetings:

  1. Get the timing right: Short attention spans and online burnout are a thing, try to find ways to anticipate those who may be virtually exhausted.
  2. Make attendees feel involved: Digital platforms democratize participation by giving each attendee a voice.
  3. Choose specialized professional services: As there are many options to deliver an online experience choose a specialized service that is tailored to your audience and type of meeting.

Especially when working with 3D data in your meetings to present proposals or projects to customers, partners and stakeholders, new ways of interacting in a meeting need to be embraced to keep up your meetings effective and your audience engaged.

The opportunities that real-time 3D technology provides play a vital role to improve your online meeting experience and productivity working with 3D data. The latest Immersive Technology Trends Report published by Unity shows that 63% of surveyed companies have used immersive technologies to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. Many companies utilized the powers of real-time 3D to connect employees for remote collaboration. The accelerated adoption comes, as the need to stay resilient and support employees remotely grows more urgent and is part of a greater push towards digital transformation.

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