The adaptation of SaaS based collaboration in 3D Design & Engineering has accelerated in 2020 and is predicted to continue to grow. In a survey of 150 directors who lead the engineering design, manufacturing design and product-lifecycle management functions for their companies, 91 per cent indicate they are now considering SaaS for CAD, 90 per cent SaaS for PLM. There has been a dramatic shift in the favorability of SaaS and the biggest driver has undoubtedly been the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The research company G2 sees SaaS based CAD at a tipping point, these four key advantages are the main drivers:

  1. Better collaboration
  2. Integrated data management
  3. Users can share design with stakeholders
  4. Minimal to no installation

Improve your collaboration with real-time 3D conferencing even further

Adding cloud based real-time 3D conferencing to your collaboration tool set you can go beyond just sharing designs or present without active involvement of the stakeholders and non-CAD users.
Invite them to an interactive STAGE real-time 3D conference, in which all participants can interact with the 3D model and discuss with each other in the meeting.
With STAGE you add to the list of advantages for SaaS in 3D Design & Engineering:

  1. Present and discuss your model in a virtual environment → put your model into the right context
  2. Each participant has a first-person view, can move freely and interact with the model → participants are more engaged
  3. Dedicated communication and review tools → improve the meeting efficiency
  4. Join meeting simply via PC or go beyond using XR Headsets for a full 1:1 scale immersive review → XR gives participants a live like experience
  5. Document decisions in STAGE and use them to refine with the team in your CAD collaboration platform → keep your creation workflow where it belongs

Get a better insight in this short video: