How to have efficient online meetings has been a topic for everyone who is using online meeting tools in everyday business life. If you work in a team or with customers on large 3D models, the combination of existing video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom with real-time 3D conferencing, like STAGE, can increase the meeting productivity substantially.

Why is that? In meetings you try to meet several different objectives e.g. get to know some of the persons in the meeting better, discuss and agree on project targets, timelines, responsibilities, present and discuss layouts, models and simulation proposals.

As you can see from this list combining the advantages of traditional video conferencing systems,

  • see the person via video,
  • easily share project targets, timelines, and responsibilities via screen share functionality

with the strength of real-time 3D conferencing

  • live interactive presentation of 3D models and simulations
  • each participant can move free and interact with the model
  • dedicated 3D tools to communicate

during your online meeting can substantially improve the engagement of the participants and support the achievement of diverse meeting objectives.

Do you want to learn more about how you can benefit from combining real-time 3D conferencing with Teams, Zoom and Co for your online meetings? Have a look at our latest STAGE Video and get in touch with us.